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The Kavanagh Otologic Hand-Stable Instruments comprise a wide variety of forceps, micro-scissors and crimpers, all specifically designed to provide stabilization of the otologist's hand during surgery. 

The working action of standard surgical middle ear instruments is the lower most instrument handle.  This handle is activated by using the surgeon's third and fourth digits.  When using standard instruments, the upper-most instrument handle must be held still by the thumb and not moved while the lower handle is moved toward it.  Thus, the surgeon cannot stabilize his operating hand during ear surgery.

The problem is most pronounced during stapes surgery when trying to crimp the prosthesis.  The otologist will often stabilize his surgical hand with his opposite hand and lock the speculum in place with a speculum holder.

Instrumentarium's newly designed hand stable instruments have a reverse action and eliminate this cumbersome surgical exercise and free the otologist's opposite hand to help stabilize the prosthesis.  The third and fourth digits can be kept still, resting on the patient, while the surgeon's thumb activates the instrument.


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